Saudi Families Entitled to A Maximum of Five Expat Visas

Expat Saudi Visas: Every family in Saudi Arabia is entitled to hire expat workers to service their homes. Saudi Families can hold a maximum of 5 visas for expat workers in their homes using the Musaned website. Meanwhile, expat families together with citizens married to foreigners can hold 2 expat visas.

Families of Saudi nationality can recruit a household worker one man and one woman, a nanny, a butler, a private driver as well as a nurse of any gender. Saudi or foreign women who are “widowed or divorced from a Saudi citizen with children” are allowed to hire a driver and a household worker.

Requests for expat visas for household workers can be registered electronically with Absher upon the completion of all requirements. Before submission, a fee of SR 2,000 should be paid though an ATM machine or Sadad. All traffic violations should be paid too. From the website of the Labor Ministry, there is a concession that the SR 2,000 fee will be waived in case of people who have special needs but this is not effective yet.

Requirements include proof of the applicant’s financial status which could be a payroll check or a bank account in the applicant’s name. Payroll slips should reflect the employment for the past 3 months and should be sealed and signed. Bank information should show the applicant’s funds 6 months prior to application date. If the applicant is single, he or she must be at least 25 years old.

The Ministry reserves the right to reject applications due to the applicant’s financial status. Income is used in determining the number of visas issued to the applicant. Based on the website, other grounds for rejection include submitting previous requests earlier during the year and being a party to a legal case with household help.

After the issuance of the visa, applicants can go to Musaned website to look for workers personally or through phone and sign the contact requiring  25 % of the agreed recruitment fees.

In case of processing delay lasting for 2 months, applicants can file complaints by calling 18811 or visiting the labor office.

h/t: Arab News