How to Check the Status of Your Iqama’s Change of Profession ?

With the ongoing advancements in technology, government processes are also being updated which make it easier for nationals and expats to process their requirements conveniently and faster.

One of the best things about this improvement is the fact that you no longer need to ask for your Kafeel if there is a need to check the profession since you can access and see this online.

If you want to know the profession that allows you to easily bring your family in KSA, then you can check it online. But in doing so, you must ensure that the profession you choose is not reserved for Saudis.

Sadly, there are still people who are not aware of how easy checking this data online is.  On the other hand, you can check your application status for your profession change by following these steps:

  1. In order to access the services that you will need, you need to register in the website of the Ministry of Interior.

How to Check the Status of Your Iqama's Profession Change?

1.1 Click New User
1.2 User Registration will appear
1.3 Fill out the mandatory fields (*)
1.4 Tick the box to confirm the Terms and Conditions to proceed to the next steps (2-4)
1.5 You will be receiving a confirmation for the temporary password via your registered mobile number
1.6 Change your password (to easily remember your log in details)

2. You will need to log on to the website of the MOI using your user name and the password that you have registered with. You should check MY DASHBOARD as shown on the picture below on the tabs available in the website (see below photo).

3. With this, you can view your Profession similar to the image show below. It is actually on the left side just below your picture.

How to Check the Status of Your Iqama's Profession Change