29 DIY Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy, All Summer

1. Tie a basket on your child’s bike.Tie a dollar-store basket to the front of your kid's bike.


2. Baskets are also great for planning summer activities.Dollar-store baskets are also great for organizing outdoor summer fun.


3. Make a hideout using a hula hoop and a bed sheet.Make one of these awesome hideouts using a hula hoop and a bedsheet.

4. Turn pool noodles into an obstacle course.Turn pool noodles into a backyard obstacle course.

5. Turn your pool noodle into a sprinkler.You can also DIY a pool noodle into a sprinkler.

6. You can make an ice cream bar using a shaker’s jar.Make an unforgettable ice cream bar by putting sprinkles and crushed cookies in shaker jars.

7. Make a big tic-tac-toe game using a shower curtain, tape, and a Frisbee.DIY this backyard tic-tac-toe game with a shower curtain, tape, and Frisbees.

8. Make a chore basket for your kids.Make sure your kids pull their weight by turning these dollar-store staples into chore baskets.

9. Kids will enjoy freeing the frozen dollar-store toys and trinkets.Freeze dollar-store toys and trinkets in water to make “ice eggs.”

10. Use your stackable bin as a doll swing.Transform a stackable bin into a doll swing.

11. Make a large bull’s eye target game using sponges and chalk.Dollar-store sponges and chalk are all you need to turn your driveway into a bull’s-eye target game.

12. Use sponges to keep your kids cool while playing.



13. See how many water balloons your kids can catch using a bike helmet with an attached colander.Attach a dollar-store colander to a bike helmet and challenge your kids to see how many water balloons they can catch.

14. Make a super-bubble station with the use of a hula hoop and dish soap.Make a super-bubble station using a hula hoop and dish soap from the dollar store.

15. Make a kid-friendly croquet game using a hula hoop.Hula hoops can also be used to make this kid-friendly croquet game.

16. Make a play garden in your backyard and hide some items and let your kids dig them.

Make a play garden in the backyard using items entirely found at the dollar store.

17. Make a birdbath using a tray and a bowl.A serving tray and bowl make a charming birdbath.

18. Turn your backyard into a carnival with some DIY stuff.Set up carnival games in your backyard using nothing but dollar-store finds.

19. Make your own Olympics using creative items.Dollar-store stuff can also be used to make your own backyard (or beach) Olympics.

20. Allow your kids to enjoy the summer by making a table lantern.DIY a table lantern using glowsticks, dish detergent, and a jar.

21. Make a summer treat using an ice-pop mold.Whip up the ultimate summer treat using Nutella, Cool Whip, and a dollar-store ice-pop mold.

22. Level up your archery using suction cups dipped in paint.


 23. Prepare busy bags with items for your kids.Pre-pack "busy bags" with dollar-store items to give your kids when they say they're bored.

24. Make an art box full of art supplies.Put together an art box by filling a tub with art supplies found at the dollar store.

25. Make a color mixing station or mold flowers out of dirt using a vegetable tray.DIY a color-mixing station using a dollar-store vegetable tray.

The same tray can also be used to mold flowers out of dirt or sand.The same tray can also be used to mold flowers out of dirt or sand.

26. A shoe organizer full of things will entertain your kids.Make road trips more tolerable by filling a hanging shoe organizer with things to entertain your kids.

27. Make a chalk and magnetic activity board using a baking sheet painted with a chalkboard paint. One more for road trips — paint a baking sheet with chalkboard paint to make a chalk and magnetic activity board.

28. Make a low-budget costume using a spray painted roasting pans.Spray-paint a roasting pan to make the ultimate low-budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume.

29. Let your kids draw on your clear shower curtain.Use a clear shower curtain liner to make a dry-erase sheet your kid can draw all over.

h/t: BuzzFeed