How to Transfer Sponsorship from Dependent to a Company or Employer?

In case you are in Saudi Arabia as a dependent and you are interested in transferring your sponsorship to the employer, then you have definitely landed at the rights spot.

Most people find it difficult going through the procedure of searching for a job, doing transfer of sponsorship and even accessing the issuance of Iqama but today we are going to share with you how to go about all this essential procedures.

Maybe this is the only upper hand that Saudi dependents or holders of Iqama have since they can search for job and transfer their sponsorship.

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How to Pay for Single and Multiple Exit Re-­Entry Visa Fees?

Long gone are those days when we need to stand up and wait for long lines that are queuing in the banks for us to pay our bills and other much needed payments.

With the help of internet and computer, we no longer need to waste our time traveling to banks and waiting in line to pay the fees we need to settle. Thank God for internet banking, this made our banking experience easier and more convenient.

This article will tackle how you can make payments for the deposit fee for your exit re-entry visa using internet banking. Though we are using the example of SABB (Bank) on this sample process, rest assured that the process for the other banks are just almost the same.

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How to Cancel Your Saudi Exit Re-Entry Visa Online?

You have just paid for the exit re-entry visa in whatever forms (online or manual) and excited to go out of the country then suddenly, you have to change plans. Now, as an expat, one of the most important things for you to do is to cancel the visa. Knowing how to cancel your visa is as important as knowing how to apply for it since penalties as much as SR 3,000 may be imposed.

The following information will explain the importance of cancelling the exit re-entry visa; as well as the step-by-step procedure on how to do the cancellation.

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What to Do If Exit Re-Entry Visa Expires While You Are Outside KSA?

When you go out of the Kingdom, for whatever purpose, and you need to come back at a specified time, you need to have an exit re-entry visa that is issued by your sponsor or Kafeel. Likewise, you need to come back to Saudi Arabia within the period specified on your visa.

However, what if your visa has expired and you are still outside Saudi? What do you need to do?

On normal situations, a person whose visa is already expired will not be allowed to come back to Saudi Arabia since the document is no longer valid.

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How to Reprint Exit Re-entry Visa for Dependents Online?

If you are an employee, you need to have a copy of your exit re-entry visa from your sponsor (employer) to go out of Saudi Arabia. However, if  you have dependents that need to have an exit re-entry visa, then you can issue it all by yourself as you are considered as the sponsor of your dependents.

Now, there really are instances wherein the copy of this visa is unfortunately lost. You can always ask a copy of it from your sponsor. But if you want to do the re-printing by yourself and not to bother them, then it is also possible and that you can have access to a copy of your exit re-entry visa personally. Please take note that some procedures may have already changed after this writing.

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How to Get a Copy of a Lost Exit Re-Entry Visa via Online?

When you decide to go out of Saudi Arabia, an exit re-entry visa is issued by your sponsor. If you are an employee, then your sponsor is your employer. If you are a dependent, then your sponsor is the one where you are under like your father or husband.

Now, what if you are on a vacation you lost the copy of your exit re-entry visa? Will you be able to get a new copy?

Normally, if you lost your exit re-entry visa, you can always ask your sponsor for another copy. However, he will have to follow certain steps in order to re-print your exit re-entry visa from the Ministry of Interior. In cases when your sponsor is out of reach or if you are shy to ask for another copy again, then you can request it by yourself through following these step by step procedure in obtaining another copy of your exit re-entry visa online.

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What to Do If a Dependent’s Exit Re-Entry Visa Is Expired While Outside KSA?

Once the exit re-entry visa of your dependents expire, they will not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia unless your sponsor or Kafeel makes extra effort to have you back. Since you are the Kafeel of your dependents, everything is in your hands to process.

Know the Iqama status:

  1. The first step to be taken is for you to ensure that your dependent still has a valid Iqama. If the Iqama is no longer valid, then there is no more chance for your dependent to come back as you can no longer do anything in cases like this.
  2. Given that the Iqama is still valid, your second step will be to check for the date of expiry of the exit re-entry visa. Any person with a valid Iqama can still enter the Kingdom even after the expiry of the exit re-entry visa as long as it is within 7 months. If the holder is a student, the period may be lengthen up to 13 months. The counting of the date will start from the day that the exit re-entry visa expires.

Steps to take for the extension of the exit re-entry visa after it expires

  1. Proceed to the Passport or Jawazat office and get a Family Registration Document. Mention all members of your family when you fill up the document. You need to show your valid Iqama to them to undergo the process. The form that you will need to fill up will look like the one below.
  2. Once you have filled out the form, proceed to the Abshir Office located inside the Jawazat Office. Again, you need to fill out a form. The form will still include all family details such as the expiry date of the exit re-entry visa. The officer in the office will sign and stamp the form you have filled to ensure that the one you are applying the extension for is indeed a legitimate member of your family. This process is called Maloomat an Muqeem. After which, these documents should be attested by the MOI.
  3. Write a letter addressed to the Saudi Embassy of the country where your dependent is staying stating your wish to extend the visa period of your dependent and to allow him or her to come back to Saudi Arabia. You can ask from the agents who are in front of the Jawazat Office for the format in writing this letter. It is also important that you put in your signature to the letter as the Kafeel of your dependent, as well as your employer.
  4. You need a letter from your employer stating the request for the Ministry of Interior to attest the documents you have from the Jawazat Office.
  5. These letters should be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce where you are residing too. When you go to the Chamber of Commerce for the stamping purposes, it is important that you take note of several key points for the attestation of these documents. You should know these prior to going to the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. All three documents (one letter from the CoC and two documents from the Passport Office with the MOI attestation) need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  7. If the dependent who have overstayed is a student and he/she stayed for more than 7 months, a letter from his/her school or university saying that he/she is currently studying at the institution is needed. There should be attestation made by the Notary Public or any institution accepted by the Saudi Embassy.
  8. Give all of the processed documents to the agent which you will hire for the processing of the visa in your home country and ask him/her to process the visa for you as soon as possible. The visa with a stamp will look like the one below.

Now, if you want to do this process for your dependents back home, you should first contact an Agent/Agency from your home country. Talk to them and ask what exactly the Saudi Embassy requires because at the end of the day, it is the embassy of Saudi Arabia in your country who will approve the request.  There may be some fees associated with this process.

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How to Extend Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia?

The greatest pleasure an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia will ever have is to invite his family in KSA either on family visit visa or permanent family visa.

Once your family is here in Saudi Arabia, you can make extensions of their visit visa to extend their stay. This article is about the process on how to apply for the extension of the family visit visa through Istiqdam. You also can apply for the extension of family visit visa online.

Rules for Extension of Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam

  1. If visit visa is stamped for 30 days, it can be extended 5 times. It means that your total stay in KSA will be 180 days.
  2. If visit visa is issued for 90 days, it can be extended once. It means that your totals stay in the Kingdom is 180 days.

Process to apply for extension of family visit visa through Istiqdam

  1. You can apply for extension of family visit visa one week before the expiration date of the visit visa.  The following documents are required fort the family visit visa extension in Saudi Arabia:
  • Original passport of the visitors ( copy of passport front, back and visa page must be accompanied )
  • Original Iqama of the Kafeel along with the copy ( if you are the sponsor of the visit visa, your Iqama is needed )
  • Passport form to be filled by you
  • Photograph in passport size with white background
  • SR 100 for payment fee
  • Online tokens for the residents of Dammam and Riyadh
  1. Go to Jawazat Office around 9am for it is less crowded. Ask the persons on the Jawazat office to fill all the requirements needed and they will fill the form for you too. If you haven’t paid the SR 100, they can pay it on your behalf too. They will charge you SR 20 to 30 for their service and guide you with the remaining process. He will direct you to a place where you can get a token. Once you have a token in your hand, you are ready for the next step.
  1. Once your turn comes, the officer will check all your documents and once they are all fine, they will give you an extension. Check the expiry date of the visit visa and see if it the final extension. You cannot process the extension again if it is final extension.


Online token, if you are living in Dammam and Khobar, you need to apply for an online token. You can apply for the website of Jawazat.

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