Drivers Caught Using Mobile Phones While Driving Will Face Jail Term and a Minimum of SR 500 in Penalties

Saudi Traffic Violation: Traffic accidents happen to be really common in Saudi Arabia and currently, the rate of occurrence for road accidents is pretty alarming at 24 of 100,000 traffic related deaths each year. Since Saudi Arabia has a population of around 30 million, around 7,200 people die due to road mishaps.

Among the reasons for these traffic accidents is using mobile phones while driving. Given the alarming statistics, the Government implemented a new law to address this problem. With the enactment of this law, drivers caught fiddling with their devices while driving will be fined heavily and jailed. General Department of Traffic Safety Director, Brig. Gen. Ali Al-Rashidi said that this law will take immediate effect. A driver found speeding would be sent three text messages, after which they will be asked to appear at the traffic office.
“If the person fails to appear at the given date and time, the department will automatically suspend all his traffic services, and slap a penalty,” he said.

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This is How Uber in Saudi Arabia Transformed The Lives of Women

Uber in Saudi Arabia: In a country where women are barred by laws from driving, females make around 70-90% of Uber’s target market.

When Uber opened its services in early 2014 in Riyadh, it changed the lives of Saudi’s women who were legally prohibited from driving, by giving them greater mobility.

In a breast awareness campaign, 10KSA, hosted by Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud on December, Uber is a cosponsor. For the event,  10,000 women will come together, a first in Saudi’s history, and the Princess requested that 2,000 cars be available to convey participants.

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Driving in KSA: What Happens When A Driver is Caught Transporting A Passenger With Expired Iqama?

Driving in KSA: Knowing the people sitting with you on the car whether they are relatives or strangers is the responsibility of every driver and the duty of conveying people to their destination involves checking their Iqama validity or residence permit.

In instances when your passenger is not carrying an Iqama or their Iqama has already expired, it is not legal to transport them anywhere in Saudi Arabia. There will be heavy penalties imposed the car’s driver as people with expired Iqamas are considered as illegal residents.

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