How to Extend Exit Re-Entry Visa of Dependents in KSA?

There are instances wherein you apply for exit re-entry visa for your dependents, however, due to some unforeseeable circumstances such as a change of plans, you need to change the specific dates that you have originally applied for. In this case, you may process for an extension of the exit re-entry visa.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can not extend the visa that you currently have (applied for) since the government do not offer an extension for the exit re-entry visa. Hence, once issued, the exit re-entry visa cannot be changed.

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How to Check Status of Family Visit Visa in Your Home Country?

Once your family submitted all the documents needed to the agent in your home country, this agent will send the documents to Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate.

Now, what you need to do is to check if the visa has been stamped on passport so that you can book a ticket for your family to visit you in Saudi Arabia.

Just visit the Enjaz website and enter your details. You need to enter the application number issued by MOFA, the passport number of the applicant and the image code.

If the application is stamped and approved by the Saudi Embassy in your home country, you will receive a message notifying you of the approval.

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How to Apply for Saudi Family Visit Visa Online?

Saudi Arabia is said to be a dry place where there are limited options for outdoor activities that is why ‘single’ people who are living in Saudi Arabia are trying to bring their family in KSA to spend quality time with them. Once you are with your family here, your life will change into an interesting one.

There are two options in bringing your family here. First option is to bring your family through a permanent visa and the second option is through a family visit visa. If their stay is short, then the family visit visa is the best option.

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How to Apply for the Iqama of Your Child?

There are detailed processes, sometimes rigorous, in order to apply for the Iqama of your newly born child. However, it becomes easy when you already have the information about it, on how to do it. One of the distinct part of the processes is getting the appointment from the Jawazat. Primarily because they will not accept your application if you do not have an appointment. So, here are the procedures that you need to follow in order to book an appointment with Jawazat, for the issuance of the iqama of your newly born baby.

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How to Apply for Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

Family Iqama or Permanent Family Visa for your Dependents: For you to bring your family and let them live in Saudi, you need to apply for a permanent family visa. After you have this, you have to send it to your family back home. Once they received, it will be processed in the agency and such visa will be stamped on their passports. When they arrive in KSA, you have to apply for an Iqama of family.

Procedure to apply for First Iqama of Dependents in Saudi Arabia

The procedure to Apply for first Iqama of dependents is different from regular annual Iqama renewal (for Muqeem, 5 years).

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