Is your Iqama Transferable? One thing Your Employer Doesn’t Want You To Know

So how do you check if your Iqama is transferable or not? In case you are new to the word Iqama of not very familiar to its meaning the let it be known to you that it is basically a permit or document issued to the expatriates who arrive and want to reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on an employment visa. This Iqama has a validity of about a year or two after which, it is a must that it is renewed once again.

There are numerous advantages that come with having an Iqama such as gaining a temporary residency card, while male applicants can sponsor direct and genuine blood related siblings and family members to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a period of six month visit visa.

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3 Important Tips for First Time Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

If you are a first time traveler to Saudi Arabia, then this post is rightfully for you as you will be able to know what your rights and duties are while you are temporarily working and living in the Kingdom.

Times have now changed for expatriates – both old and new – since there rights are already protected by the Ministry of Labor.

Before, workers were left on the hands of their Kafeels and these Kafeels can do whatever they want to do with their workers. But in recent time, the Ministry of Labor has already issued new rules to make sure that expatriates are not oppressed and exploited by their respective Kafeels.

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Basic Procedure for First Time Iqama or Muqeem Applicants in Saudi Arabia

After you step foot in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while holding an employment or work visa, the countdown of your residence permit will start as it only has a 90-day validity.

Before the expiry of your visa’s validity, it will be the responsibility of your employer to get a residence permit known as the Iqama or the Muqeem identity card.

Each employee has the right to ask his or her employer to sponsor the Iqama or the Muqeem Identity Card which acts as residence permit before the expiration of their working visa.

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