9 Skills That Can Make You Marketable in UAE and to the World!

What are the skills that UAE employers are looking for? You can go through this guide to learn more.

Based on the information gathered from the region’s largest career portal, we already know what UAE employers are interested in when they are interested in hiring new people.

Bayt.com’s VP for Employer Solutions Suhail Masri said that with new projects such as smart cities, make hiring prospects better. The data below is based on the Middle East Job Index Survey 2016 of Bayt.com and it also takes site statistics into consideration to know how things look from an employer’s perspective.

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5 Stupid Practices That Will Surely Cut You off from Your Dream Career

Is there a formula in order for you to nail a dream career?

Most people come to interviews unprepared. Most of the time, their money and efforts are spent in preparation for the chance to have an interview meeting with a prospective employer while little or no preparation at all is done for the actual interview.

I have known a lot of professionals who spend an incredible amount of time in the preparation of their resumes and even make a considerable investment to have their resumes prepared by skilled professionals so as to increase their probabilities of getting the interviews from their target employers.

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Top 5 Places Where You Can Surely Find A Job.

Are you currently looking for areas where you can easily find a job? Well, the first step when looking for a job, whether local or abroad is making a powerful resume. Next is searching for jobs which will match your qualifications. Accordingly, below are the venues where you can find your desired employment.

1. Job Centers

Job centers are places where advertisements are placed by employers looking for new employees. People who are looking for an employment can visit these centers for information about available jobs that match their qualifications. There are some job centers which are also processing trainings and apprenticeship for young job seekers.

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10 Easy Tips for Interviews That Will “NOT” Help You Land a Job!

Tips for interviews: Getting an interview is already quite a challenge for anyone who is searching for an employment. Being on a face-to-face interview can be even more stressful and difficult especially if you lack preparation.  Indeed, your interview can either make or break you.

So here are the ten most critical mistakes that people commit when interviewing for a position:

1. Being late

Arriving late to your interview is an instant deal-breaker. It creates a strong negative first impression. You are expected to be in your best behavior when you are still in the application process since it is the time that you prove yourself worthy of the vacant post. Being late gives an impression that you are not reliable and that you’ll be always late in going to your work.

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One Thing A Recruitment Manager Will Not Tell You, Right In Your Face

Generally, formal employment reference check  conducted by Human Resources (HR) managers only yield sparse information on the prospective candidates.

Only limited and basic information are provided and most often, hiring managers lack enough data to make informed hiring decisions. Most of the time the employment verification conducted by HR managers will only return information about the candidate’s past employment such as the starting date, position and responsibilities held and last day of employment.

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3 Essential Sections in Your Resume That Will Get You A Job

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes from various applicants who are vying for an employment. When the competition is this tight, how can you make sure that recruiters would notice your resume and receive proper consideration?

Here are the elements of making a powerful resume which will help increase your chances of getting an interview and eventually landing your dream job.

1. Building Your Professional Brand

3 Things In Your Resume That Will Get You A Job


Creating your professional identity is considered the most essential element of a winning resume yet most applicants fail to develop.

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4 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Profile Pic Matters During Job Hunting

Do you have any social media strategy that you religiously follow in order to find a job? How about banking on your social media profile pic where you post some of the photos that everyone see?

Whenever you surf or access your social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest or any other, the first thing that you will see are the pictures of the users. They pique your interest. They definitely catch your attention.

This scenario also applies whenever you are looking for a job, or even if you are a passive applicant. One of the things that employers are looking for is your level of professionalism, and social integrity. With this, your profile photo will definitely leave an impression. So better do it right!

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