Saudi Families Entitled to A Maximum of Five Expat Visas

Expat Saudi Visas: Every family in Saudi Arabia is entitled to hire expat workers to service their homes. Saudi Families can hold a maximum of 5 visas for expat workers in their homes using the Musaned website. Meanwhile, expat families together with citizens married to foreigners can hold 2 expat visas.

Families of Saudi nationality can recruit a household worker one man and one woman, a nanny, a butler, a private driver as well as a nurse of any gender. Saudi or foreign women who are “widowed or divorced from a Saudi citizen with children” are allowed to hire a driver and a household worker.

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How To Compute Your End of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits (ESB) or a gratuity check have been historically given to employees in the Kingdom. People who worked for the same company for years were given a huge sum of money when they leave.

The law provides for the payment of this benefit after completing years of service.This mechanism was designed to help people save when they leave a company.

Since the amount is not too big for 2 to 3 years of service, workers should be responsible enough as adults not to spend this on consumer items and save it up for their future.

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