10 Career Choices You Will Regret In 20 Years

Most often, we always want to stand out on our jobs and impress our bosses that we make several career choices that can change our career path. Our choices and decisions over the course of time we are on our jobs will either make or break our career, hence, we do our best to choose and decide what is appropriate and what can make us better.

These choices can either be a yes or a no; a leap or a downfall; right or wrong. Here are some of the choices that a person normally do but will regret 20 years after:

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Pokémon Go, Soon To Be Banned in KSA?

According to an old fatwa, of the General Presidency for Scholarly Research and Ifta, banning the popular online and GPS powered game, Pokemon Go, has been explicitly renewed.

In the the old fatwa with decree No. 21,758 that was issued 16 years ago, yes, way back 2001, this kind of game is considered a form of gambling, which is strictly  forbidden in Islam.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Fozan, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said that “the current version of the game is the same as the old one.”

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14 Cards Your Anxious Friends Would Honestly Appreciate

1. A card when you did the ultimate act of betrayal: 

For when you committed the ultimate act of betrayal:

2. A card substituted as coupon:A stack of these very important coupons:

3.Because they need to know that they are great:Because sometimes they need a reminder:

4. The ultimate best invitation he/she will truly appreciate:The best kind of invitation:

5. For making him/her feel anxious by waiting:For inducing the least amount of texting anxiety possible:

6. To help them calm their hyperactive mind:To calm their overactive mind:

7. For not underestimating what they are actually going through in their lives:For not downplaying what they're going through:

8. Because real surprises are certainly not a good idea (and it SUCKS):Because real surprises actually SUCK:

9. When you just can’t say the right words:Some brutally honest condolences:

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17 “Too Real” Graphs of People With Introverted Personality

1. Introverts are people who are shy and quiet. They find it difficult to approach and meet new people:

So many stereotypes, so little time:

2. They don’t want to answer a phone call immediately but they are a great listener which makes them an excellent friend:Why people still insist on calling when they could text is beyond you:

3. You are not an anti-social, you are just being misunderstood:No, you're not antisocial:

4. You love to socialize but, you prefer a more intense conversation:You have the perfect system for socializing:

5. You are cranky sometimes and you find socializing a very tiring activity:You? Cranky? OK, sometimes.

6. You love to go on an adventure:Sometimes you just want to get away:

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This Student Took Disturbing Images To Show What Anxiety Feels Like

Katie Joy Crawford, 23, is a photography student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Meet Katie Joy Crawford, a 23-year-old photography student based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

katiejoycrawford.com / Via Twitter: @ktjoy326

She decided to create a photo series of her experiences with depression and anxiety for her senior thesis. Her thesis, “My Anxious Heart,” had 12 self-portraits detailing the crippling effect of the mental illness. She spent three hours for each shot and used a camera remote to capture the photos.

“It quickly became a cathartic experience for me that has led to such healing and self-discovery,” Crawford told BuzzFeed. “I want those that suffer to feel like they have a voice and a hand to hold. I never want anyone to feel alone, as anxiety and depression can be isolating on its own.”

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21 Heartbreaking Images Showing Where Young Syrian Refugees Sleep

Since 2011 to date, more than 4 million Syrians have been forced to escape from their homes in the face of the ongoing and devastating war in the country. Roughly half of the victims are children.

Magnus Wennman, a Swedish Photographer, has been capturing the refugees in camps across the Middle East. And with his “Where the Children Sleeps” project, he captured the sufferings of children caught in war including Syria.

1. Walaa, 5, Lebanon – she cries every night in a refugee camp because that’s the time when the attacks happened.

Walaa, 5, wants to go home. She had her own room in Aleppo, she tells us. There, she never used to cry at bedtime. Here, in the refugee camp, she cries every night. Resting her head on the pillow is horrible, she says, because nighttime is horrible. That was when the attacks happened. By day, Walaa’s mother often builds a little house out of pillows, to teach her that they are nothing to be afraid of.

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61 Best Teacher Memes On The Internet That Are Completely Accurate

A superhero is someone who has special powers. They accomplish an exceptional endeavor of turning terrible situations into great acts of heroism. Because of that, teachers are considered as superheroes. They are real and they exist in the lives of children all over the planet.

Teachers sacrifice many things for their students. They work long hours, use their own resources, risk looking crazy to help their student remember facts. They bring their work everywhere. They also protect their students from the negative influences that abound. They create learning environments and they offer guidance and emotional sustenance.

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