Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s What an Expat Can Say.

Is Saudi Arabia Safe? Here’s what an expat Filipino would say about Saudi Arabia, as his second home.

For someone who has been living in the country for some years, I consider it to be a better place to live than most developed countries, western countries included.

While walking in Saudi Arabia’s streets, you don’t feel the same threat that you do while strolling in Manila’s streets.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made laws which are very hard on people who are in drug smuggling. The rule governing this is in full implementation. In fact, the police are empowered and have greater degree of control in borders and other stations which may be an entry point for drugs.

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How to Come Back in Saudi Arabia on a New Visa, If You Have an Unpaid Debt?

This article is for those expatriates who left Saudi Arabia, with an unpaid amount of debt and the amount is still payable to the bank. The question is, can you still enter the Kingdom without jeopardizing your status? Is it possible that you can I come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa if you have an unpaid loan/credit card debt? Well, below are the certain steps that you can follow.

  1. If you had an unpaid loan/debt and you left for final exit, and you want to come back with your new visa, the first thing you have to do is to check if the bank has filed a complaint against you.
  1. If the bank has filed a complaint against you, you are in big trouble for you will be detained in the immigration office. You will be required to pay the amount of your loan/debt plus the interest. After that, they will deport you back to your country. You committed fraud against the bank for not letting them know that you will leave Saudi Arabia without paying them. They will never let you enter the country for there is now a place for fraudulent people in Saudi Arabia.
  1. If the bank has not filed a complaint against you, then you have nothing to worry about. The Immigration Officer will let you enter Saudi Arabia and the wisest thing for you to do is to pay your existing loan as early as possible.
  1. If you have an unpaid loan/debt to other countries including the GCC countries and they had filed a complaint against you, you have nothing to worry about entering Saudi Arabia unless the amount of your loan is high. You can take a risk of entering Saudi Arabia if the amount of your loan is not more than SR 20 000.
  1. So, how will you know if the bank has filed a complaint against you? Sad to say, there is no way for you to know if the bank has a complaint about you. If your loan is up to SR 10 000, the bank may not register a complaint against you. If your debt is about SR 20 000, there is a 50/50 chance that they will file a complaint. If your unpaid debt is more than SR 20 000, there is a big chance that they filed a complaint against you.

Now If you have a police complaint, the Saudi Embassy in your home country can continue to process your visa. The MOI will let you enter Saudi Arabia for them to have an opportunity to collect the money from you.

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3 Things to Carefully Look at While Working in Saudi Arabia

As society becomes modernized and so when working in Saudi Arabia. Many people in countries such as Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries exert efforts to go to Saudi Arabia since they cannot afford to have a satisfactory lifestyle by staying in their home country. Westerners also decide to settle down in Saudi Arabia as they cannot save as much in their native land. Nevertheless, there are compromises to be made by deciding to move in Saudi Arabia as life in the Kingdom may be a bit boring to expats. Based on a personal experience, you would long for weekends during weekdays and hope for weekdays during weekends. Without a family member in the country, life is hard. Hence, many people spend more time exchanging messages, calling their friends and surfing the web.  This article’s main goal is to make people aware of the invisible “government’s eye” that keeps track of all your activities. Here are some that you need to be aware:

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The Price of Living in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia: the last thing that anyone would use to describe about the life in Saudi Arabia would be the most peaceful corner in the planet .

The Media depicts the country as one of the most oppressive places to be especially for females who are prohibited from setting foot outside of their homes and being confined to wearing constricting dresses and headdresses.

But one girl, who had to say goodbye to her home in Saudi loves everything there is in the country and finds it as the most peaceful place in the planet!

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