This Student Took Disturbing Images To Show What Anxiety Feels Like

Katie Joy Crawford, 23, is a photography student in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Meet Katie Joy Crawford, a 23-year-old photography student based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. / Via Twitter: @ktjoy326

She decided to create a photo series of her experiences with depression and anxiety for her senior thesis. Her thesis, “My Anxious Heart,” had 12 self-portraits detailing the crippling effect of the mental illness. She spent three hours for each shot and used a camera remote to capture the photos.

“It quickly became a cathartic experience for me that has led to such healing and self-discovery,” Crawford told BuzzFeed. “I want those that suffer to feel like they have a voice and a hand to hold. I never want anyone to feel alone, as anxiety and depression can be isolating on its own.”

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People Taking Pictures on the Streets of Saudi Will Be Fined SR 500,000

Street photography is one hobby that a lot of people share these days given the convenience provided by smartphones that come equipped with a camera. Needless to say, there are instances when pictures are used for cyber crimes or to violate the rights of people through the web.

Social media in particular is one place to share pictures which may possibly violate the rights of other people especially when the photo is taken without their consent or permission. Pictures can be used for blackmail although uploading someone else’s picture may just be construed as a mistake. For instance, if you take a picture with some stranger in the background and that stranger complains, he has a right to sue you.

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