21 Heartbreaking Images Showing Where Young Syrian Refugees Sleep

Since 2011 to date, more than 4 million Syrians have been forced to escape from their homes in the face of the ongoing and devastating war in the country. Roughly half of the victims are children.

Magnus Wennman, a Swedish Photographer, has been capturing the refugees in camps across the Middle East. And with his “Where the Children Sleeps” project, he captured the sufferings of children caught in war including Syria.

1. Walaa, 5, Lebanon – she cries every night in a refugee camp because that’s the time when the attacks happened.

Walaa, 5, wants to go home. She had her own room in Aleppo, she tells us. There, she never used to cry at bedtime. Here, in the refugee camp, she cries every night. Resting her head on the pillow is horrible, she says, because nighttime is horrible. That was when the attacks happened. By day, Walaa’s mother often builds a little house out of pillows, to teach her that they are nothing to be afraid of.

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