The Average Salaries in UAE That You Need To Know in 2016, Now!

So what are the average salaries in UAE on different positions? Accordingly, one of the questions that we often like to ask friends and colleagues but never do is how much they are making?

Based on the survey conducted by Aon Hewitt, employees working across the UAE can look forward to a 5 percent increase in the average salary in 2016. What does this imply? Are you receiving enough money to begin with?

A 2015 salary guide for UAE has been developed by Hays, a Recruitment Agency. This will give you a firm idea how much salary is sufficient. Based on a survey involving 2,000 employees primarily for midlevel to high level positions in multinational companies and small enterprises, this data provides information on the salary range for more than 100 jobs.

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4 Simple and Effective Strategies When Negotiating Salary, Abroad!

Negotiating Salary: Finally, after all the challenges you went through to land a job abroad, you now have a job offer on the table and are excited to take on the challenges and opportunities of working abroad.

But what if the offered salary is lower than what you think you deserve? Are you well-equipped to negotiate your offer?

Pay negotiation is not something new, yet it is still one of the most crucial and difficult stages of landing your dream job.

This can either make or break you. So be careful not to appear greedy during your negotiation and do not be too persistent to the point of being a nuisance.

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