FREE Accommodation: Now a Government’s Order in UAE!

Free accommodation in UAE, possible? Well, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other South Asian migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates are expected to benefit in the new government order for employers to offer free accommodation to workers paid $540 or less per month. Guidlines to follow.

The order is UAE’s latest move in the Gulf to address alleged abuses of migrant labor. This is due to the large number of South Asians that make up a huge proportion of the country’s foreign workforce. While Emiratis, who barely account 10 percent of the UAE’s population of nine million. A small population compared to the total number of foreign workers.

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Muslims to fast over 15 hours in UAE

In the coming Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims living in the UAE will be fasting as much as 15 hours and 10 minutes, and are expected to continue until 2018 for the long hours of daylight.

While the season is fast approaching, few weeks from now, do you know how many hours will Muslims in the UAE be fasting for?

Wam, a news agency recently issued a statement and said: “The new moon of Ramadan is to appear on June 5 at around 6.59pm UAE time, but it will disappear at around 7.25pm or 17 minutes after sunset of the same day.” – Ibrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor at Sharjah Planetarium,

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35 Breathtaking Satellite Images That Will Change How You See Our World

In an effort to transform how we see our world, Daily Overview came up with a project where they share satellite images taken from Digital Globes every day.

Highly inspired by the experience from Overview Effect, this project will change your perspective through a cognitive shift of how you see the world in the same manner that astronauts do when it is their first time to see the Earth from outer space.

Organizers behind this project aspire that: “The mesmerizing flatness seen from this vantage point, the surprising comfort of systematic organization on a massive scale, or the vibrant colors that we capture will hopefully turn your head.”

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These Are the Biggest Reasons Why Expats Choose to Stay and Work Longer, in the Gulf

Expats Working in Gulf: In a report based on the Middle East Management Study by Invesco, one of the world’s largest independent investment managers, Western expatriates employed by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations have an average length of stay of 12.9 years.

This increase Westerner’s length of stay, three quarters of which are UK citizens, is the Gulf’s very low rates for personal taxes. On the other hand, the length of stay in the region’s Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) is 18.1 years which is attributed to the low value added tax and corporate taxes. Meanwhile, Arab expats including Lebanese and Egyptian have a length of stay of 16.9 years owing to the stability and security provide by the Gulf.

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