8 Ridiculous Disadvantages of a Saudi Business Visa

A migrant can work in Saudi Arabia with the use of Iqama or Saudi Business Visa. The main difference is, a business visit visa is issued when an expatriate comes to work in a short period of time, temporarily. Iqama on the other hand, is issued when someone enters Saudi Arabia for a long time of employment, say 2 years. The procedure for acquiring an Iqama is different from Business Visit Visa. While having a valid Iqama in the Kingdom entails resident benefits, Business Visa on the other hand has some disadvantages.

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How to Process Your Saudi Working Visa from Your Home Country?

Muslims all over the world are dreaming of working in Saudi Arabia because of the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina. And for the non-Muslims, it is because of the abundance of opportunity this country has to offer. However, you can’t just come in without a permit, a working visa. As such, this article will give you details on how to acquire this Saudi working visa.

Normally, you need to do job hunting first in your home country. Dependents who are looking for jobs in and out of the country is a different story. Now, if you found a job to work in whatever regions in the Kingdom, it is the responsibility of your employer to process your work visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after getting the approval from the Ministry of Labor. After your visa is issued, there will be an authorization code and you now need to wait for at least 8 weeks for your application to be processed, depending on the home country.

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Saudi Iqama Inquiry: 34 Outrageous Iqama Violations and Penalties, Beware!

Saudi’s Residency Law is very strict with the way it treats over stayers. In this case, over stayers refer to people who continue to live in Saudi Arabia even after expiry of residence permit. In other word, illegal stay. If someone stays even after the expiry of the Family Visit Visa, Umrah Visa, Business Visa or Work Visa there are harsh penalties imposed on them and their sponsors.

If someone is caught by the authorities while his or her resident permit is already expired, the person will be immediately detained in Saudi Detention Center. After detention, they will have to pay for the expenses of returning back to the country so that that they can be deported.

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How to Change Sponsor or Tanazul in Saudi Arabia?

For both new and experienced expats, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a great place to look for an employment.

However, Naqal, Kafala, transferring sponsors (Tanazul)  or changing employment from your present company to another within the Kingdom can be totally challenging. But there are 2 ways to change jobs or tanazul for employees who are currently on a company visa.

1. File a final exit and enter the country using a new visa.

Finish your contract and go home to your country of origin. You can always come back even in 2 weeks, assuming that you have already obtained a visa from the new employer, to work in the Kingdom.

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How to Renew Your Iqama or Muqeem Card?

The updated process to renew your Iqama or Muqeem card: Given the advancements in technology, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to use online to transform all services from manual processing to online. With this new technology, employers who act as sponsors can now renew the resident card of their employees online.

For those who already have a muqeem card, it has a five year validity. Should your Iqama be expired, the new identity card, Muqeem, will be sent through Saudi post or courier.

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How To Compute Your End of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits (ESB) or a gratuity check have been historically given to employees in the Kingdom. People who worked for the same company for years were given a huge sum of money when they leave.

The law provides for the payment of this benefit after completing years of service.This mechanism was designed to help people save when they leave a company.

Since the amount is not too big for 2 to 3 years of service, workers should be responsible enough as adults not to spend this on consumer items and save it up for their future.

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5 Major Reasons Why Working In Saudi Arabia Is Your Best Option

Are you currently unhappy with where you are and what you are doing right now? Are you looking for ways to get out of your dull situation? If you are really in for an adventure, you might want to consider finding a job abroad. And where would be a great place to chase your happiness?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA has been one of the hottest and most popular job destinations for a rising statistics of overseas workers. You might ask what is there in KSA that attracts lots of expats, especially Filipinos. Well, here are the reasons why working in KSA would be a great option for you.

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