10 Easy Tips for Interviews That Will “NOT” Help You Land a Job!

Tips for interviews: Getting an interview is already quite a challenge for anyone who is searching for an employment. Being on a face-to-face interview can be even more stressful and difficult especially if you lack preparation.  Indeed, your interview can either make or break you.

So here are the ten most critical mistakes that people commit when interviewing for a position:


1. Being late

Arriving late to your interview is an instant deal-breaker. It creates a strong negative first impression. You are expected to be in your best behavior when you are still in the application process since it is the time that you prove yourself worthy of the vacant post. Being late gives an impression that you are not reliable and that you’ll be always late in going to your work.

It is usually a good practice to come to the venue at least fifteen minutes ahead of your schedule so you have enough time to compose yourself, familiarize your surrounding and set your mood for the interview.


2. Inappropriate attire

Your outfit will also create a strong first impression on your interviewers. Dressing sloppily for an interview can affect your professional image while overdressing might make you look overconfident which is not good either. Wear comfortable and decent clothes and make sure to groom yourself well in order to look presentable and polished during your interview.


3. Not knowing your prospective employer

In order to show your interest in the job vacancy and your prospective employer, do a little research about the company before your interview.

Knowing more about the company will help you determine if the company’s industry, products/services, and culture are a good match for you. This is also to prepare you to whatever questions they might ask you about the company.

4. Failure to highlight your skills and match them with the position

Interviewers want to know how you fared in your previous employment and what values can you contribute to the vacant post and to the company.

Not giving specific examples to support your achievements will undermine your potentials and lessen your chance of landing the job. They might not believe you unless you give them a specific example of your achievements and significant contributions.


5. Not asking intelligent questions about the company or position

It is a common mistake of applicants to think that the questioning is only for the interviewers.  The interview is a two-way process wherein the company does not only evaluate your suitability for the position; it’s also an opportunity for you to assess whether the company and the position are really for you.

Asking questions not only helps you determine how well-suited you are for the position; it also signifies that you are indeed interested that you did a research before going to the interview. But do not ask just for the sake of asking. Ask intelligent questions or don’t bother asking at all if you’re only going to ask poor questions.


6. Failure to practice

Most of the applicants go to interviews unprepared and without practice thus, they stutter and cannot organize their thoughts properly come the interview proper.

You should practice delivering and answering possible questions so that you will be more confident and comfortable during the actual interview.

There are lots of practice questions and best answers to most commonly asked questions during an interview that are available online that will guide you on your practice and simulation.


7. Being too talkative or mute

Answer the questions succinctly and concisely. Avoid talking too much and giving long answers during the interview. On the other hand, avoid being too passive or dull. Don’t just give a yes or no answer to closed questions.

Elaborate your answers and give examples. Don’t be a mute or your interviewers will lose their interest on you.


8. Interrupting the interviewers

It would be rude and unprofessional to interrupt your interviewers. Let them finish talking first if you have any inquiries. This will not only make you a good listener; you will be also able to understand fully what the interviewers want to convey if you let them finish their sentences.


9. Backstabbing your previous or current managers or employers

This is a big turnoff to your prospective employer. This will only compromise your integrity and loyalty and label you as a complainer. This will also give a notion to the interviewers that what you are doing with your previous or current employers, you will also do to them in the future.


10. Not expressing that you want the job

Let them know that you still want the job after what you have learned during the interview. Reiterate your interest on the vacant post and inquire about the next step in the hiring process.

Do these 10 interview mistakes and you will surely not get any.