How to Transfer to a New Company Without Transferable Iqama?

There are two main options for someone who wants to switch jobs in Saudi Arabia. First, you can ask your sponsor to transfer your sponsorship to the new employer or, you can ask your new employer to issue a new visa to you. Either way, will work.

Accordingly,  this article aims to inform you about all the complications in this situation and to better guide you how to get a new visa (new company) after the Final Exit Visa (old/former company). It is assumed that you are already working in Saudi Arabia.

Now you need to follow these steps.

1. The very first thing for you to do is to look for a good job in Saudi Arabia. It is so obvious that you would like to switch job because the privileges are better and there is a chance for a career growth.

2. If you already have a better job offer, you need to know if your current employer will allow you to transfer sponsorship. It is only in few cases that you are allowed to transfer sponsorship. It also depends if your current sponsor will let you do so.

3. If your sponsor allowed you to transfer, you need to follow procedures to acquire a demand letter from your new employer and an acceptance letter from your current sponsor.

If your employer does not let you transfer sponsorship, you can ask your new employer to provide you a new visa, instead. Normally, employers are not willing to provide new visa and they will just look for someone who can be transferred from a new sponsor.

Now, if your new employer is able to give you a new visa, you have to resign from your work so he can process your Final Exit, already. Make sure that you have completed your contract before resigning though. Remember that there are two types of contracts: the fixed term contract and indefinite contract.

If you already completed your contract and your employer is not willing to process your Final Exit, you can file a case against him in court. Court proceedings will take 2 to 3 months. Make sure that your new employer is willing to wait before you file a complaint in the labor court.

4. At the time that you are back in your home country, you need to start processing your visa on your passport right away. You need to apply for your new Iqama once you are back in Saudi Arabia, again. Once you already have an Iqama, you have to apply for the replacement of your Driving License (if applicable) issued on your previous Iqama.

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  • ronnronP

    other company will process your final exit visa but they will let you sign that you cannot enter saudi arabia within 5 yrs.

    • mulla

      Yes but Only if the employee had a bad conduct/cheated employer in the company.