How to Transfer Sponsorship from Dependent to a Company or Employer?

In case you are in Saudi Arabia as a dependent and you are interested in transferring your sponsorship to the employer, then you have definitely landed at the rights spot.

Most people find it difficult going through the procedure of searching for a job, doing transfer of sponsorship and even accessing the issuance of Iqama but today we are going to share with you how to go about all this essential procedures.

Maybe this is the only upper hand that Saudi dependents or holders of Iqama have since they can search for job and transfer their sponsorship.

Moreover, they do not have return their homeland and come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa as before.  Transferring the dependents from family member to employer has been laid down in the easy to follow steps below;

Procedure to transfer the dependent’s sponsorship to employer

To begin with, all you have to do is to search for a job in Saudi Arabia. It would be much easier to search for a job if you are living in Saudi Arabia and you hold a valid Iqama (residence permit) compared to doing the same from your native country.

You will have to begin the procedure of transferring your sponsorship immediately after you are sure that you have searched for a job  and are willing to work with them.

1. The first step will be to begin with the transfer of sponsorship of dependent from a family member to an employer through getting a demand letter from the employer.

2. Once your sponsor does not have a problem in transferring your sponsorship then he will have to seek permission in writing from his employer. It is very important to note that the letter should be addressed to the manager of the employment company that you want to transfer your sponsorship to is located, and should be printed on your father’s or sponsor’s official letter head and be attested by the Chamber of Commerce as well.

3. Moreover, the sponsor of the dependent requires three letters that are to be obtained from his current employer addressing Jawazat, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Interior stating firmly that they have no objection regarding your transfer from one dependent to another company.

4. Right after receiving the demand letter which comes from the employer, the presiding step would be to transfer the sponsorship of the dependent to the employer and head to Jawazat with the Kafeel of the dependent. You should know that the Kafeel can be brother, father, husband or wife. After that you will have to proceed on and fill an acceptance letter which is located in front of Jawazat official. The acceptance letter is very key and is referred to as “Iqarar Tanazal”. When you submit the letter it will be handed right back to you after due stamps from the official.

5. Given the off chance that you do not find any assistance in terms of guidance of where you want to go, you only have to contact the agent who will be sitting in front of the Jawazat’s gate. Do not be surprised since they will charge you some fee of around SR 20 and they will fill an application for you. Keep in mind that your Iqama and passport should always be on hand in order to accurately  fill your application.

6. The next procedure after this will be for you to take this “Iqrar Tanazal” to the HR of the employer. The rest of the process will be undertaken by whoever will be attending to you. However, soon you will receive your Iqama.

7. When you are done with transfer of sponsorship of dependent to the employer, the profession that is on the Iqama becomes “labor” from time to time. If this comes to happen, then you will have to apply for the change of Iqama profession. 

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