How to Apply for a Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia?

Are you travelling somewhere via Saudi? Well, if your layover in the Kingdom is more than 12 hours, you need to apply first for a transit visa. This article will talk about the procedure of applying for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia. Specially for the Muslim people who are booking their tickets via Saudi Airlines, and schedules a lay over of 72 hours in Jeddah for them to perform Umrah.

Accordingly, when you apply for this document you should mention that you will be applying for a transit visa and your stay is more than 12 hours. If your stay is more than 12 hours and you don’t have a visa, immigration officers will not allow you to board the plane. Women are not allowed to apply for the transit visa if they are not accompanied by one of their Mahram relatives. Take note that transit visas are not issued during the Ramadan and Hajj season.

How can you apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia? Read this quick guide. 

1. The first thing that you have to do is to submit an application form and make payment online through Enjaz because they are authorized by the Saudi Government.

After filling up the form, you need to agree to the terms and conditions.

Just click the “agree” button and the new screen will open. You also need to enter all your important details along with your 200×200 size picture.

Select the “Transit Visa” as your type of visa. After completing all the information required in the application, you need to click the “save” button.

How to apply for Transit Visa in Saudi Arabia
After saving your work, you need to pay for the fee approx $10.50. You will find it very simple to do that for the window is very user-friendly. Print the last page of your visa application form where the application number of your visa is stated.

2.  You need to mail the documents to Saudi Embassy in your country. If you can, it is wiser to handle them personally the documents so that they will get accountable for it.

It takes a week to process your visa. You need to submit the documents to the window assigned to it. The officer will ask you the reasons why you would like to visit Saudi Arabia. If you will tell them that you would like to perform an Umrah, they will reject your application.

3. Though it will take 7 days to process the transit visa it is better to go 3-4 days after the mentioned date. If Visa has been processed, please be reminded to take care of some extra points. Don’t think of overstaying in Saudi Arabia even for an hour. They will charge you $75 per day of your overstay in Saudi Arabia.


Documents needed for Saudi Transit Visa

1. Passport with a validity of 6 months
2. Residence permits of the country that you are applying for.
3. One passport sized picture
4. A Saudi Visa questionnaire that is filled out and signed.
5. Signed declaration of Saudi Laws
6. The booking of your ticket that will confirm your stay in Saudi Arabia
7. Print out of the visa application form that you submitted through Enjaz

Please take note that changes in the process can happen without prior notice. To get more update details, you can visit directly the government site.