How to Come Back to Saudi Arabia When You Have an Unpaid Bank Loan?

This article is for those expatriates who left Saudi Arabia, with an unpaid amount of debt and still payable to the bank. The question is, can you still enter the Kingdom without jeopardizing your status? Is it possible that you can come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa if you have an unpaid loan/credit card debt? Well, below are the certain steps that you need to know.

1. If you had an unpaid loan/debt and you left for an exit, and you want to come back with your new visa, the first thing you have to do is to check if the bank has filed a complaint against you.

2. If the bank has filed a complaint against you, you are in big trouble for you will be detained in the immigration office once you are in the Kingdom. You will be required to pay the amount of your loan/debt plus the interest. After that, they will deport you back to your country. You committed fraud against the bank for not letting them know that you will leave Saudi Arabia without paying them. They will never let you enter the country for there is now a place for fraudulent people in Saudi Arabia.

3. If the bank has not filed a complaint against you, then you have nothing to worry about. The Immigration Officer will let you enter Saudi Arabia and the wisest thing for you to do is to pay your existing loan as early as possible.

4. If you have an unpaid loan/debt to other countries including the GCC countries and they had filed a complaint against you, you have nothing to worry about entering Saudi Arabia unless the amount of your loan is high. You can take a risk of entering Saudi Arabia if the amount of your loan is not more than SR 20 000.

So, how will you know if the bank has filed a complaint against you? Sad to say, there is no way for you to know if the bank has a complaint about you. If your loan is up to SR 10 000, the bank may not register a complaint against you. If your debt is about SR 20 000, there is a 50/50 chance that they will file a complaint. If your unpaid debt is more than SR 20 000, there is a big chance that they filed a complaint against you.

Now, If you have a police complaint, the Saudi Embassy in your home country can continue to process your visa. The MOI will let you enter Saudi Arabia for them to have an opportunity to collect the money from you. Wise!

  • Simson J Toms

    If I have a credit card debt of around SR 25,000 and I have no plans to return to GCC.
    what could be the legal implications that I could face.
    Will I be able to travel to US or Canada or Europe
    Will I be taken out of my home country and put to Jail.
    Will I be chased down by collection agencies.
    I hope to have your feedback on this.
    Thank you.

    • xtr3mio

      You can enter Saudi Arabia but you will be blacklisted in all banks due to bad credit history , you will be not able to use bank and banking facilities until you clear the amount : Fawaz Mohammed from Banque Saudi Fransi

      • Leyley

        Hi just a question.i know someone wants ti re-enter but he has this loan back in 2012. The principal amount is SR10,000 but for sure now it is much higher.. is there any possibility that he can enter again and work there?thank you.

        • xtr3mio

          Yes he can come back , no issue in coming back as I said the problem will be that he will be blacklisted in all the banks

          • Leyley

            Thank you for that information. I will tell it to him and hopefully everything will be smooth as he enter again Saudi Arabia. And remind him to settle the past loan. Again thank you so much.

          • Mahboob Afzal


            can you please update you friend issue, do he landed already?

      • Abu

        ???…So I left with on an exit-reentry visa, but haven’t returned due to personal family reasons. In addition to that, I was paying off a loan of over 100,000SR. The bank has yet to press charges, but I violated my visa and employment contract. How can I return to fix things???

      • Ayme Sam

        Hi , i have debt around 150,000 , on the credit Card from three banks , I left KSA , and i didn’t have Iqama anymore , i want to settle this amount by transferring a monthly payment overseas , how i can do this if i didnt have active account to pay .
        if i am un able to settle that , what legally action could be taken against me.

        Please advise ….

      • Mahboob Afzal

        The best answers by you great work, Thank you.
        i have a question that , my credit card paid all installment and i’m leaving on final exit, do i have to close credit card before exit. in system my final exit proceeded and i received a message. hence what if i’ll use my credit card in my native place , will they block me to come on new visa as i’ll pay only once i’ll back to kingdom.

      • Zeeshan Sadiq

        Hello dear, my friend left saudi arabia on re entry visa did not come back. now he planing to come on umarah visa. He have 3000 riyal unpaid credit card bill. some reason he did not back. Can he enter the ksa on umarah visa without any problem. Thanks

    • Mahboob Afzal

      did you left already and did they ask you about your credit cards at airport?

  • Sri varma


    I have a credit card dues around 11k

    But I am going on final exit this decemeber

    Will they stop me at the airport to clear the dues?

    • Ajaz

      Dear friend,

      Did u face any problem while u teturned back to saudi Arabia???

    • Mahboob Afzal

      i believe you already left Saudi Arabia, did you faced any problem at air port?
      kindly replay.

  • Manal Fouad

    Hello ;

    If someone had unpaid credit card in KSA and now lives in UAE and wants to apply for a credit card, will they find out about his old credit cards scores?

    • Abdul Waheed

      If the bank has not filed a complaint against you.

  • anne yasin

    Hello,,i would like to ask if I have loan in the bank about 3000sr..and I want to pay it here in our country how will I do that?hope you can help me

  • KEN

    Will I be taken out of my home country and put to Jail.
    Will I be chased down by collection agencies here in the Philippines
    I hope to have your feedback on this.

    • BambangSt

      I don’t think they can do that. The wisest thing to do is not to come back in Saudi Arabia