Up to SR100,000 Fine Is Waiting for Companies Who Are Violating Weekend Rule

Weekend Violation Rule: If your company is counting your weekends as part of your annual leave, then they will be in a big trouble. According to the Ministry of Labour, companies who are still practicing this policy will be fined SR100,000 or even more.

“The ministry has recorded several cases where companies and employers exploit the ignorance of employees about their rights. Many companies count the weekends as part of annual vacation which is a clear violation of the Saudi Labor Law,” said the source.

“Weekends are official paid leaves. No company has the right to force its employees to work during the weekend and no company has the right to deduct salary for the weekends,” said the source.

Companies who violate this government policy will be penalized either monetary or administrative. Also, the ministry has all the right to increase the fines, depending on the severity of the case, especially if the violation is repeated or late payment of fines.

In some extreme cases, the ministry also has all the authority to shut down company operations for 30 days, and if violation is repeated, the company’s license will be revoked until issue is resolved.


h/t: Saudi Gazette