5 Major Reasons Why Working In Saudi Arabia Is Your Best Option

Are you currently unhappy with where you are and what you are doing right now? Are you looking for ways to get out of your dull situation? If you are really in for an adventure, you might want to consider finding a job abroad. And where would be a great place to chase your happiness?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA has been one of the hottest and most popular job destinations for a rising statistics of overseas workers. You might ask what is there in KSA that attracts lots of expats, especially Filipinos. Well, here are the reasons why working in KSA would be a great option for you.

1. Career Growth and Advancement

Aside from the prestige of being able to pass the exams and overcome the hindrances from job search to the gruelling application, anyone working abroad has a great opportunity to advance their careers and add value to their credentials. You’ll be exposed to new tasks and work experiences which will be worth mentioning in your CVs. And since Saudi Arabia’s economy is growing and Multi National Companies (MNC) are continuously flocking in the country, you might want to get a share of experience that you won’t find in your own country.

2. Financial Benefits and Incentives

Anyone working abroad has a goal of finding a greener pasture. One main thing that attracts overseas workers to work in KSA is the fact that they do not impose personal income tax to working expats. With a high average salary which is most often coupled with housing, transportation, food and other allowances, paid vacation and long Islamic holidays in a year, you’ll be able to enhance your savings and enjoy your vacation back home.

3. Challenging Working Environment

Working in an intercultural workplace can be both challenging and empowering. Being able to acquaint yourself and work with people with different nationalities and cultures is worth to be recognized as well. You’ll be able to enhance your interpersonal skills and immerse yourself in diverse practices and cultures. Chances are high that you will also learn some languages, like Arabic. Do you want to be a multi-lingual professional? Then this country is one of the best places to learn. Sometimes, learning the language in this country is not an option, at times, it is ‘personally’ enforced.

4. Network Expansion

Interacting with your colleagues contributes to the furtherance of your career by creating more productive relationships and developing your international contacts. Meeting and working with people from across the globe expands your connections, which will be very useful for your employment and business purposes.

5. (Easy) Travel and Adventure

Abha, Saudi Arabia

Abha, Saudi Arabia

Seeking greener pastures in the land of desert and oil can be a thrilling and exciting adventure. Not only will you have the opportunity of exploring other lands, you will also be exposed to new lifestyle and new environment. Exploring other cultures and practices makes you feel like you are interacting with fellow tourists and are always on a vacation. And did I say that Saudi Arabia is one of the best gateways to travel the world in a short distance?

Aside from career and financial growth, working in KSA will also develop your personal well-being. Leaving your comfort zone and trying your luck in KSA makes you a worldly person- worldly not in a sense that you become more attached to the material things in this world. I’m pertaining to an experienced, smart and mature person. Not only will you learn how to adapt and survive in an environment which can be totally foreign to you; you will also learn the value of hard work and appreciate the diversity of the world we are in.