21 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Saudi Arabia

1. A Camel passerby

2. Snowman!

3. Bizarre car stunts

4. Bat spreading MERS

Catching diseases directly from bats is extremely unlikely. However they are known as hosts to a life threatening disease.

5. No, this is not an action movie. It’s a ‘normal’ huge sandstorm in the city

6. Rise of temperature. Can it be more hot?

7. A Whole of Camel!


8. Sharks infesting the dessert

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Sharks are usually spotted in large numbers along the northern Corniche to the coral area on Alexandria beach in the Khor Abhor area, Jeddah before winter in the country.


9. Pitted beattle that can run one meter a second 

The only animal to be seen during the day in the desert. 

10. Baboons that are everywhere!

11. Lord of the Ring (Tower of Orthanc)?

It’s just Faisaliyah Tower.

12. Flood in the city

13. Snow in the dessert


14. A Flying horse

15. Snake visiting a Saudi Navy camp


16. Lizard eating a scorpion


17. Horned snake


18. A heaven’s gateway


19. Perhaps the biggest snowballs on earth.

So big it can kill


20. Locust Invasion


21. …Yet another locust invasion